Shisha Tobacco can be fun. However, we all know the dangers of ingesting tobacco or nicotine. When too much tobacco is consumed over a long time, those involved are at risk of many severe issues, including heart and circulatory diseases, cancers, nicotine addiction, respiratory infections, etc.

Naturally, smokers who are concerned about such health side effects resort to alternatives that allow them to enjoy their session without worrying about the harmful effects of smoking. But just what is meant by non-tobacco shisha mixture? What’s the difference between regular shisha that contains tobacco and one that’s free of tobacco? We compare both smoking options to tell you everything you need to know.

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Regular Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco is the practice of burning loose tobacco in a hookah and inhaling the fumes produced. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, acetone, tar, arsenic, benzene, etc., most of which can cause harmful effects.

Shisha Molasses Mixture North Miami Beach BarNicotine is a psychoactive drug that accelerates activity in the central nervous system while still providing relaxing effects. It can lead to addiction, making tobacco abstinence difficult.

People use tobacco for various reasons, the majority of which are for recreation. When a smoker ingests tobacco smoke, nicotine is absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream. Once in the system, nicotine triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain associated with pleasure.

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Tobacco-Free Shisha Mixture

Shisha has become the preferred smoking option for people seeking a tobacco-free alternative for their shisha that is completely tobacco-free and nicotine-free.


Fantasia Non Tobacco North Miami Beach AventuraNon-tobacco shisha mix often comprises a combination of specific shisha herbal mixtures in a smokers’ preferred shisha blend. The mixture usually includes fruit pulp, dark leaf, honey or molasses (a dark brown sugar), and vegetable glycerol.


Tobacco vs. Tobacco Free Shisha Mixture: What’s the Difference?

As well as being tobacco and nicotine-free, a non-tobacco shisha mixture allows you to enjoy a light, flavorful smoke.

One of the best parts of having tobacco-free shisha is mixing and experimenting with your different shisha flavors to find your favorite shisha mix.


Regarding its health benefits, smoke from non-tobacco shisha is just as harmful as the smoke from tobacco-based shisha and can cause many of the same diseases. That’s because the smoke still produces unhealthy levels of toxins, mainly because it involves burning charcoal and inhaling smoke that contains toxins such as carbon monoxide and polyromantic hydrocarbons. Ultimately, the only benefit to smoking non-tobacco shisha may be the lack of nicotine.

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