Al Fakher Authentic Tobacco


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  • 250g
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One of our favorite hookah brands on the market is Al Fakher. It’s very easy to prepare a delicious session and produce full-flavored clouds of smoke with their tobacco. You won’t need any fancy equipment either because this is easily one of our most versatile brands of hookah tobacco.
The focuses its flavor lineup on single-note flavors like blueberry, orange, and mint. This makes it easier for beginners to decide on a blend to smoke while providing enough flavors for the enthusiasts to create their own custom hookah flavor blend.

The Best Al Fakher Shisha Sold Online

The Premium brand is among the most popular hookah tobacco in the world. This line offers you classic flavors such as Apple, Berry, Cola, Grape, Kiwi, Plum, and more, as well as more eclectic flavors like Blueberry with Mint, Energy Drink, and Orange with Cream. All Premium flavors have the mark of quality you can count on to give you a delicious hookah experience every time. Available in both 50g and 250g sizes, Al Fakher comes in the ideal amounts for you to have intimate hookah sessions with a friend or even full-blown hookah parties.

Golden is a premium line of limited edition flavors that cater to all hookah smokers. We at sell these in boxes of 250g at an affordable price. Bahraini Apple and Black Grape are among the exclusive flavors offered by Golden Al Fakher. And what’s inside Golden Al Fakher, you ask? The answer is a unique blend of French tobacco leaves and all-natural ingredients like honey for a taste that’s smooth and packed with flavor. One session with Al Fakher Golden Series and you’ll all be talking about it around the hookah for years to come!







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