What’s the difference between Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 Types of THC?

Delta-9, Delta-10 SynthesisDelta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 THC are all products of a process known as biosynthesis. Biosynthesis is the biological production of cellular material, such as cannabinoid molecules.

In general, biosynthesis is considered the chemical reaction with starting materials yielding specific products. In the case of these three forms of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from Cannabis, there will be some explanation for those familiar with biochemistry and a simple introduction to those just getting started in understanding life at a molecular level.

A Bit of Delta-8 Background:

The fundamental unit is the atom – different configurations or ‘bonds’ between atoms give rise to molecules with unique properties allowing them to react with other compounds in predictable ways. THCA is the nonpsychoactive precursor to THC, which acts on Endocannabinoid Receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS has numerous roles throughout the body.

How is Delta-8 THC Synthesized?

Delta-9 THC is synthesized from THCA by decarboxylation, the process of exposing the plant matter to heat, light, or alkaline conditions.

If a strain is grown for fiber or hemp rather than its psychoactive properties, all of this THCA would be converted naturally even without human intervention. Therefore, when cannabis flowers are dried and cured after harvest, much of their naturally occurring THCA will have already decarboxylated into psychoactive Delta-9 THC without any outside influence.Delta-8 Delta-9 CBD Molecule Smoke Shop

Delta-8 THC has a similar chemical structure to Delta-9 but an additional hydroxyl group in the terpene ring. This additional bond between atoms is another factor that helps differentiate Delta-8 from other forms of THC in how it interacts in the body and gives rise to unique effects.

Delta-10 THC is synthesized from CBDA by decarboxylation – this would apply for any number of cannabinoids where acid forms are encountered throughout plant biosynthesis and natural cannabinoid conversion processes occurring within the body after cannabis consumption. The same process is involved in converting CBDA into CBD, which involves decarboxylation. For instance, CBDA must be reduced into CBDVA before decarboxylate into CBD.

When Delta-9 THC is oxidized, it forms CBN, which is very different from the other three forms of THC. This process occurs when Cannabis is exposed to air or light for extended periods – with rates increasing in proportion to temperature. CBN has sedative and analgesic effects but is considered only mildly psychoactive compared to Delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC vs. Delta-10 THC vs. CBN: Which Types of THC show the most beneficial medicinal effects?

The simple answer – all four of these compound types are cannabinoids. They act on cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that includes two primary receptors: CB1 and CB2. Many subtypes exist throughout different body regions.

Delta CBN Leaves Aventura Smoke ShopDelta-8 THC is considered about 20% as psychoactive as Delta-9. The effects are less intense but last longer than Delta-9, with a unique bodily sensation not commonly associated with THC: an energetic and euphoric rush (like blood rushing to the face). Considered a very functional form of THC, it has been described as opening one up – making creativity more accessible and calming in its effect without any impairment whatsoever. It won’t make you tired like traditional cannabis sedation, often used as a sleep aid for those struggling with insomnia. It’s also known as the gateway THC because it opens up a greater appreciation of the subtler effects of Delta-9 THC.

Delta and Seizure Studies Results

Delta-8 THC has been tested as being more effective at preventing seizures than Delta-9 because it affects brain activity differently, with fundamentally different pharmacological properties that inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels rather than activating cannabinoid receptors directly. In other words, this form of THC is more effective at preventing seizures than the traditional form, which explains why children using specific pharmaceutical formulations of it have fewer or no seizures.

Delta-9 is known for its psychoactive properties and is the only form of THC that most people are familiar with. Delta-9 is responsible for most cannabis’ psychological effects, including the traditional marijuana “high,” typically involving feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and altered consciousness. It also binds to several other receptors besides the cannabinoid receptor, which is one reason why users often report various effects, including an enhanced sense of sight, sound, and touch, as well as appetite stimulation and mild psychedelic experiences at higher doses.

Some studies have shown that Delta-9 can be used medically to stimulate appetite and fight weight loss associated with AIDS or cancer treatments.

Delta-10 THC is a nonpsychoactive form of the cannabinoid, which means it does not produce a high easily detectable by standard psychological evaluations. This “incidental” effect makes Delta-10 desirable for research where marijuana’s intoxicating effects can interfere with results.

Delta-10 has been proven to be effective as an antiemetic, which means it is used to prevent nausea and vomiting post-surgery and for those struggling with cancer or HIV/AIDS. In addition, many patients find that this form of THC eliminates their need for pharmaceutical painkillers by managing the painful side effects of chemotherapy. Delta-10 is also widely used for its mild analgesic effects.

Please do your research as we cannot make medical claims here on our site.

Breaking Down Types of Delta THC

CBN is the product of THC degradation. Therefore, CBN has sedative and analgesic effects butDelta CBN Molecule Image Aventura Smoke Shop is considered only mildly psychoactive compared to Delta-9 THC. This is why it makes more sense medicinally to prescribe CBD over Delta-9 or Delta-8 THC for patients seeking full pain relief without a “high.”

Delta-8 THC is the best medicinal form of this highly therapeutically effective cannabinoid, but Delta-9 type THC still has its place in modern medicine concerning certain conditions.

For most patients seeking an upper or a mild “body high” effect, recreational forms of Cannabis are superior for that purpose as they often involve oils from more than one variety of this plant, making it easier to find those strains that provide relief from pain and nausea as well as pleasant mood elevation. In contrast to CBD hemp oil which some studies suggest can also be used medicinally to relieve some symptoms, Delta-8 THC has been studied extensively and found beneficial for a much more comprehensive range of medical applications because other cannabinoids in this plant interact synergistically with Delta-8.

All-in-all, there are many more differences between the different cannabinoids, and more research is needed. Please do not take this as medical advice. We do not claim CBD or and Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10 to have any medical properties or that they can cure any illnesses. Please consult with your medical doctor before considering using any of these cannabinoids.

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