Rolling Paper Types come in many shapes, colors, and styles. It’s no secret that choosing the best rolling paper is an essential task for every smoker. You’ll need a good rolling paper to get the smoothest, most flavorsome smoke, steady-even burn, or slow-burning session. Smokers, pick the right rolling paper type for maximum impact. And we’re here to help.

This article explores the differences between various rolling paper types to enable you to choose a variant that’ll help enhance the way you roll. Keep reading to discover helpful information that’ll make your smoking experience even better!

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What Rolling Paper Types should I get?

It’s a timeless question pondered by many-a smokers throughout history.

Fortunately, the correct answer is that it depends.

Some people prefer bleached—some like unbleached.

A better question would be: “What types of rolling papers exist?”.

It would be best if you chose based on the qualities of the paper.

Rolling Paper Types:

Regular Rolling Papers

Easily one of the most popular rolling paper types available on the market today, regular rolling paper is visually similar to hand-rolled cigarettes. Regular rolling paper is usually rice paper.

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Some well-known regular rolling papers are RAW Rolling Papers, Smoking Rolling Papers, Rizla Rolling Papers, etc.

Flavored Rolling Papers

Flavored rolling papers are for smokers looking to add a bit of flavor to their smoking experience. This type of rolling paper is ideal for those put off by the natural flavor of cannabis.

Some of the popular flavored rolling papers available on the market include Cyclones Flavored Cones and Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers.

Gold Rolling Papers

If you believe that smoking should be a unique experience of luxury, one that’s both memorable and enjoyable, then you might want to opt for gold rolling papers. These papers are for people who consider smoking a symbol of a chosen lifestyle, appreciate exclusivity and the aesthetic experience of the luxury purchase. A well-known example of a gold rolling paper is Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers.

Clear Rolling Papers


Trip Clear Rolling Papers Transparent Aventura Miami BeachIf you feel proud and satisfied to show off your weed, you will do well to get transparent rolling papers. Just like the name suggests, clear rolling papers let you see the CBD you’ve stuffed inside the joint. You also get the full taste of tobacco flavor when rolling tobacco. Clear paper is made from plant cellulose and looks incredible!

Some great brands of transparent rolling papers are Trip Clear Rolling Papers, Aleda Clear Rolling Papers, Cyclones Clear Pre-Rolled Cones, et.


Why won’t my Rolling Paper stick?

Rats! Damn near every smoker has been in this un-sticky situation before. You take your time, rolling the perfect doobie. Your heart beats faster as you get closer and closer to completing this work of art. The anticipation builds only to end in disappointment! A joint that won’t stick usually happens for one of two frustrating reasons.

Reason 1: The glue strip has dried.

Reason 2: The glue portion was damaged, ripped off, or missing. 

Rolling papers are usually two elements combined into one. One is the paper, and two is usually the glue. Sometimes the adhesive gets exposed to moisture and spoils—usually, it’s the result of crappy storage. Always try to keep your papers stored in a dry place. Moisture in the air can be enough to ruin the paper’s sticking ability. So keep your papers dry!


Other Rolling Paper Types Factoids

Are Rolling Papers tobacco products?

That isn’t very easy to say it is or isn’t. Yes, and no. Yes, because rolling papers are classified as tobacco products. Also, no, because they aren’t directly made out of tobacco. Papers are made out of many different media. Most of the time, they’re made out of non-wood materials. Non-wood fibers include hemp, sisal, rice straw, esparto, flax, and many more.

Are Rolling Papers biodegradable?

Yes, most papers are biodegradable because the main element is from the Earth. Papers are usually made of hemp or some other type of plant material. They break down the plant into a paste, and the paste is converted into thin sheets of rollable paper. However, just because they’re biodegradable doesn’t mean you should throw them on the ground. Keep your community litter-free because animals can eat the discarded pieces or roaches. Yuck! We don’t want to hurt the animals, so keep it clean!

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Author Adrian Lloyd