Phlyte – Delta 8 Gummies – 1,000MG

  • THC-V
  • THC-P
  • HHC-P
  • 20 Gummies (50mg per gummy


The Best In Sativa, Indica, And Hybrid Hemp Products

There are many different brands and options in cannabinoids on the market today. However, for discerning consumers who want only the finest of elevated experiences, Phlyte’s hemp-derived products offer the best possible combination of quality cannabinoids and hemp-derived boosters found in the marketplace today.

Great Quality Products

Phylte’s organization strives to bring their customers the latest and most impactful cannabinoid combinations available. All of Phlyte’s products are produced using the best quality hemp and other ingredients, which is the foundation for creating consistent, high-quality indica, energetic and uplifting sativa, and unique hybrid products for their customers.

In addition, we make all of their products, including their popular HHC live resin, using supercritical CO2 extraction methods, which is a superior process for extracting terpenes and cannabinoids, creating a more effective combination overall.

Top Selection

Phlyte offers a top selection of potent and highly effective gummies vape disposables to help you achieve new heights. This includes their proprietary brand of Red Eye Indica and HHC live resin, which contains CBN, HHC-P, and THC-P. We also offer our customers the choice of Phlyte Risk Sativa and Round Trip Hybrid products, each designed to provide the most comprehensive entourage effect of any cannabinoid combination in the market.

With the journey and destination of their customers in mind, Phlyte offers a premium selection of both disposable carts and gummies that provide their customers with third-party tested products that contain 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less. Phlyte also has an executive club to offer rewards and deals for our loyal customers.

To learn more about their hemp-derived gummies and vapes visit Phlyte.


Phlyte Risk – Sativa, Red Eye – Indica, Round Trip – Hybrid


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