Dutch Cigarillos Rum Fusion 2 pack

Dutch Masters cigars are considered one of the most successful brands in American cigar history. These machine-made cigars are filled with exclusive Cuban-Seed tobacco and rolled with seed tobacco leaves, which provides a smooth smoke and flavorful aroma. Enjoy the rich taste of Rum Fusion with your favorite drink after a long days work. Dutch Masters Cigarillos Rum Fusion 2 for $0.99 come in packs of 2 cigarillos sized 4 3/4 x 28


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Dutch Cigarillos Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, flavors, and packaging, Dutch Masters cigars are produced in Puerto Rico. Crafted by the masters of Altadis USA, the brand has become America’s #1 natural wrapped machine-made cigar and the most profitable as well. Since 1912, these have been enjoyed by smokers everywhere. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have an all-around good smoke at a reasonable price that’s satisfying and aromatic.

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