Game Cigarillos Mango 2 pack

Game Cigarillos Mango flavored cigars offer the exciting essence of exotic mangoes and high-end tobacco. These machine-made cigars use a natural wrapper to cover the homogenized binder, delivering a smooth, even burn that is comparable to some of the best cigars out there. If you are looking to try something out of the ordinary, try these Mango flavored cigars and experience the tropical heritage they bring with them. The unique taste they offer makes them ideal for a relaxed smoke. Shaped like a cigarillo, these cigars are 4 1/4 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28. Swedish Match distributes and manufactures these cigars and each has a foil pouch with two cigars that preserve the moisture and freshness and also offer an excellent buffer against rough handling. Owing to their unusual flavor, Game Cigarillos Mango are a favorite of both casual and regular cigar smokers.


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As most would agree, there’s simply not much better than delicious, sweet Mango! Taking that fact into consideration, Game crafted their own Mango Cigarillo! And let it be clear, it’s one of the hottest sellers! In fact, all Game Cigarillos sell well, although Mango does exceptionally well.

In addition to that, Game Cigarillos only use premium grade tobacco and all-natural mango flavors to produce this fruity, one-of-a-kind, flavored cigar! Not to mention, we offer a killer deal on the Mango Game CIgarillos! That’s right; now carry a 30 pack bundle for a price that’ll save you money as soon as you decide to buy! So pick yours up today and enjoy watching your profits soar to new heights!

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