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  • Havana Hemp Delta 8 Flower 1 Gram


    This premium batch of Bubba Kush,, Cherry Abacus or Lifter consists of very large, tight and dense nuggets. This flower 58% Delta 8 THC making it twice as potent as most medicinal Cannabis strains. These are all of our top selling strains ever produced, with an aromatic smell and superior flavor. Although Delta 8 is legal according to the 2014 Farm Bill this product should not be ingested if you are on a drug testing program.

    Delta 8 – 579mg/g
    5.73% CBD + under 0.30% THC
    • No GMO
    • Hand trimmed + slow cured for 60 days
    • Grown in North Carolina
  • Havana Hemp Delta 8 Gummies


    Our gummies are one of the most potent on the market with 61.7mg of Delta-8 THC each. Two gummies are considered the maximum dosage one should take at once. Although Delta-8 is legal in most states, do not take if you are being tested for THC is it could show up. This package can be up to 1200mg of Delta 8.  Our gummies are Vegan as they contain no gelatin.

    Available Sizes:

    2X Gummies 120 MG

    5X Gummies 300 MG

    10X Gummies 600 MG