Starbuzz Blue Surfer

Premium shisha made in the U.S.A. with a huge selection of your favorite hookah flavors, including – Blue Mist, Code 69, Pirate’s Cave, and so many more. Strong flavors, incredible buzz, and thick clouds – Starbuzz is a customer favorite!


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Starbuzz Blue Surfer Shisha Tobacco

When you open up your tin of Starbuzz Blue Surfer hookah tobacco you’ll be greeted with a nice, aroma of tropical fruit. The flavor of this shisha tobacco is hard to define, but if you’ve ever eaten those little blue and white gummy sharks… Yep, that’s it. We are told that this blend is a combination of grape, pineapple and blueberry. As with all Starbuzz shisha, monster thunder clouds are in the forecast.

Starbuzz has several tropical shisha flavors in its inventory. There are standalone fruit flavors, using one major ingredient, and there are blends. Blue Surfer falls in the latter category. It is a blended flavor comprising more than one tropical sensation. For those aware of the larger branding labels used by Starbuzz, Blue Surfer is in the Exotic line of shisha flavors made by the Starbuzz. 

Blue Surfer Flavor from Starbuzz

Blue Surfer shisha flavor from Starbuzz uses three main ingredients: pineapple, grape, and blueberry. While the shisha is named Blue Surfer, it does not imply the dominance of blueberry. In fact, one of the first things you would notice about this shisha flavor is its sweet and citrusy aroma of pineapple. Grape adds a bit of tanginess along with sweetness. Blueberry is another sensational flavor. All three flavors work in tandem. There is no primary, secondary, and tertiary flavor. You may find a hint of mint or lime in the flavor, but there is no lemon or menthol in this blend.

Blue Surfer shisha from Starbuzz uses golden Virginia tobacco. It is as popular as dark leaf tobacco. The golden hue of Blue Surfer that you see after opening the can is due to the choice of tobacco leaf. There is no special gold color added to the blend to make it look like that. You will also find the shisha to be a tad moist. This is owing to the nature of the blend. Tropical fruit flavors tend to work best when the extracts retain some moisture. Excessively dried tropical fruits, or their extracts, do not have the most satiating flavors.


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