Seed 2 Flower CBD Pre-Roll Joint

Made from premium CBD Hemp Flower. The flower is Sativa-dominant hybrid. The parent genetics provided CBD flower with its citrusy/fruity aroma and an earthy finish. The strain is known to energize hemp users with a feeling of happiness and positivity.


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We provide independent lab reports for all of our hemp products. Visit the following links to view our Certificates of Authenticity.

Dr. Gregg’s CBD Pain Cream

Dr. Gregg’s all natural CBD pain-relief cream is independently lab tested to ensure that only the safest and highest quality ingredients are used. View the CBD Pain Cream Certificate of Analysis.

CBD Vape Pen

300MG CBD disposable vaporizer pens. Our partners and distributors shop with confidence knowing that Seed 2 Flower has a low defect rate and exactly as many milligrams as advertised. View all of the individual lab results for each flavor here: Single-Use CBD Vape COAS

Sour Space Candy

High quality CBD flower with a delicious sour taste that has made this strain one of the most popular in the hemp community.


Providing an aroma and taste that you will love. Checkout the WU5 lab results from an independent company.

Blue Genius

This hemp flower is brilliant in every way – Color, taste and appearance – Blue Genius Lab Result

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