Ecocha Coconut Charcoal

‘- Premium Coconut Charcoal
– Imperial Quality
– 100% Organic
– 24 Pieces or 96 Pieces


  • 24 Pieces
  • 96 Pieces
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Ecocha Coconut Hookah Charcoal is perfect for the avid hookah smoker. These hookah charcoals contain no quick light chemicals or sulfur, just pure coconut husks! They are designed for smoking hookah and won’t impact the flavor of your hookah tobacco or create any odor that could negatively affect your hookah session!

Ecocha Coconut Charcoal in the Flat version is available in a 16 Piece Box, 108 Piece Box, as well as a 324 Piece Box. The Ecocha 108 Piece Box allows you to stock up on this authentic Coconut Charcoal at a reasonable price. It is recommended that you heat the charcoal on an electric stove or open flame before every smoke.


24 Pieces, 96 Pieces

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