Carbopol Charcoals

Carbopol Charcoal is a new brand of quick-lighting hookah coals that come to us all the way from Poland. These are high-quality coals that give off a minimal smell when being lit and should not impart any flavors on your shisha, allowing the true flavor of your shisha to shine through. Each box of 35mm Carbopol hookah coal contains 10 individually wrapped rolls of 10 coals. This means you are getting 100 awesome Carbopol coals in each box. You will likely need to use 1 to 2 coals per bowl, depending on its size, which means that this box will likely last you for over 50 bowls.


Carbopol Charcoals are an all-natural product made from natural raw materials. These coals undergo a special production process and will not affect the taste of your Shisha, allowing you to enjoy a memorable smoking experience. The coals in this product are 100% nitrate-free and are odorless, making Carbopol Charcoals one of the best natural charcoals you’ll find anywhere.


Odorless – there is no smell when burning because it is made of natural raw materials.
Light fast – it lights up in about 15 seconds.
Smoke without chemicals – charcoal is 100% niter-free.
Lasts approximately from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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