Al Fakher Watermelon

Al Fakher Molasses Shisha is a premium brand of flavored hookah tobacco manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is a high quality Tobacco and is made from a high grade of Virginia Tobacco leaves and the finest European flavors.

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Al Fakher Watermelon has been hit in the face by a whole watermelon? Well, now you can! this tobacco is a deliciously sweet, best-selling Al Fakher shisha jam-packed with flavor.  The moment you open the package you are engulfed with a heavy watermelon scent. The candy watermelon flavor of this hookah tobacco is excellent and the smoke is very smooth, producing some pretty big clouds of shisha smoke. The bowls have a tendency to become very sweet over time. The shisha is a mostly shortcut and is incredibly juicy, giving it that wallop of watermelon flavor!


This shisha packs a punch of flavor, so you’ll want to mix it with strong flavors that won’t be overshadowed but that also won’t ruin the taste. Try mixing in some Lemon Al Fakher Shisha to add some zest to the sweet watermelon flavor. Or go a more tropical route by mixing the watermelon with Pineapple Al Fakher.
If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own invention using this Watermelon Al Fakher Shisha, click “Reviews” and give us your flavor review and mix recommendations!

50g, 250g

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