Al Fakher Two Apples

Al Fakher Molasses Shisha is a premium brand of flavored hookah tobacco manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is a high quality Tobacco and is made from a high grade of Virginia Tobacco leaves and the finest European flavors.

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Al Fakher Two Apples Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco gives apple lovers a stronger flavored apple than the regular Al Fakher Apple shisha. Not only does this shisha pack some serious flavor, but it is also one of the most popular flavors of hookah tobacco. Double and triple apple flavors traditionally concentrate more on the sweet, and less on the anise (licorice) flavors that are common in apple-flavored shisha. This added sweetness will satisfy any sweet tooth’s cravings, and also makes this a good shisha to bring other flavors in on for a solid mix.

Recommended Mixes

This is the doublet Double Apple around, and as such can be mixed with a variety of flavors to create some pretty epic hookah blends. The basics bowl down to mixing this flavor with some mint to create another classic – Two Apples Mint.
This is the most recommended mix of all when it comes to Double Apple, however mixing it with Melon or Grenadine has also been recommended to us by various shisha mixologists. Try out a sweet Double Apple mix and let us know yours in the comments below!
If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own invention using this Double Apple Al Fakher Shisha, click “Reviews” and us your flavor review and mix recommendations!

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