Al Fakher Mojito

Al Fakher Molasses Shisha is a premium brand of flavored hookah tobacco manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is a high quality Tobacco and is made from a high grade of Virginia Tobacco leaves and the finest European flavors.

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Al Fakher Mojito Shisha Flavor Description

On a warm day, there’s little better than sitting back and drinking a nice, fresh, cool mojito. Not feeling like making one? There’s another way to enjoy that refreshing drink in hookah form – try Al Fakher’s Mojito shisha tobacco. A nice crisp mint taste with a delightful addition of lime. There’s not much of the alcohol aspect to the taste, but this shisha offers an awesome cooling aspect with each pull. The clouds you get aren’t too shabby either!


It’s a solid bet to add more citrus and/or mint if you’re looking to mix things up with your Mojito Al Fakher Shisha. If that’s your goal, we recommend adding in some Citrus Mint Al Fakher Shisha or Lemon Al Fakher Shisha. If you’re looking to branch out a bit more, try mixing in some Pineapple Al Fakher Shisha to your bowl of Mojito to mix in a different sort of sweetness.
We can’t have thought of everything, so we invite you to be adventurous and explore new flavors through mixing this Mojito Al Fakher Shisha. If you have some awesome mixes share them, and your flavor review, by clicking “Review.” Happy mixing!

50g, 250g

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