AL Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Molasses Shisha is a premium brand of flavored hookah tobacco manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher Molasses is a high quality Tobacco and is made from a high grade of Virginia Tobacco leaves and the finest European flavors.

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Al Fakher Mint Flavor Description

Al Fakher Mint  Shisha Tobacco presents a perfectly balanced medium-strong mint-flavored shisha. This hookah tobacco produces a great deal of smoke and lasts a decently long time. While enjoyable on its own, this shisha also makes an excellent mixer for other flavors that could use a little to their body of flavor.


 As with most mint-flavored shisha, the possibilities are boundless. You can literally – and figuratively too, if that’s your style – mix a cool mint with just about any Al Fakher shisha flavor to add a little extra something to it to spice it up. Some classic combos include mint-grape, mint-lemon, and mint-apple.
If you come up with a great hookah mix of your own invention using, click “Reviews” and give us your flavor review and mix recommendations!

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