Juicy Jay’s Flavor Papers 1 1/4

Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers gives you plenty of space to roll in some tasty legal herbal blend, and then have some of the best smokes in your life.


  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • Cool Jays mint
  • Root beer
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Multiple Flavours

Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers are available in many different flavours to cater to all types of taste buds. The flavours available are Strawberry Kiwi, Maple Syrup, Root Beer, Green Apple, Orange, Jamaican Rum, Milk Chocolate, Banana, Blackberry Brandy, Peached & Cream, Absinthe, Marshmallow, Trip Mentholicious, Watermelon, Very Cherry, Black Magic, Coconut, Strawberry, Grape, and Cool Jay.

Perfect Size

Looking for a perfectly sized flavoured rolling paper? The Juicy Jays Rolling Papers 1 ¼ holds 25% more than a single wide rolling paper. The 1 ¼ Juicy Jay flavoured skins are 78mm in length and 48mm wide.

These are also slow-burning paper which allows you to experience smooth and even burn.


Banana, Blueberry, Cool Jays mint, Root beer

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