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  • Quick Fix – Novelty Synthetic Urine

  • X-Stream Fetish Urine


    A proper blend of Creatinine, pH levels, and other normal human urine components with a specific gravity that makes it incredibly similar to naturally emitted urine. XSTREAM FETISH URINE has thoroughly been tested in a lab before being given to consumers and 100% toxin free. It is easy-to-use and requires no mixing; this product is male/female compatible.

    Kit Includes:

    • 3oz Fetish Urine Sample
    • Bottle with Squirt Cap
    • Heat Pad
    • Rubber Band
    • Temperature Strip
    • Heat Induction Cap
  • The Whizzard Novelty Kit


    From the makers of the world famous Whizzinator Touch, ALS is proud to bring you The Whizzard. The Whizzard is a standard base model and is a complete discrete synthetic urine novelty kit with the most life-like realistic fake penis on the market! The medical grade synthetic urine device features an ultra-quiet flow system that is very easy to use and operates with ONE hand.

    The Whizzard includes the following items:

    The Whizzard
    Refillable vinyl pouch
    1 Golden Shower Synthetic Urine Sample
    2 Heat Pads
    1 Syringe
    1 instruction manual